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Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids Who Are Blind

There are so many ways you can adapt coloring for blind kids, including painting, to make it an enjoyable activity. Just because you can't see the pictures doesn't mean it can't be interesting! Get creative and think outside of the lines when you're planning your next art project with a child who is blind. Be

Grow a Pumpkin in a Pumpkin!

'Grow a Pumpkin' Guest post by Amber Bobnar, WonderBaby.org Fall is a great time for sensory activities and to explore the traditions of the holidays – like pumpkins! We go to the café and smell pumpkin spice lattes, we eat pumpkin pie and we even carve pumpkins for Halloween… but does your child really understand

Interactive Number Line for Addition and Subtraction 0-10

Number sense and early math can be ongoing challenges for some students who are blind or have learning disabilities. For them, adding a tactile component can be a big help for understanding number sequences, adding, and subtracting. Number lines are great tools, but a simple visual number line isn't accessible to

Tactile Number Lines with Braille for Teaching Math Concepts to Blind Children

Number lines are a great tool for teaching early mathematic concepts. They provide a physical way to demonstrate how numbers become larger the further away you get from zero, and may also be used for simple addition and subtraction problems. The past week, I used the number line shown below with