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Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids Who Are Blind

There are so many ways you can adapt coloring for blind kids, including painting, to make it an enjoyable activity. Just because you can't see the pictures doesn't mean it can't be interesting! Get creative and think outside of the lines when you're planning your next art project with a child who is blind. Be

Grow a Pumpkin in a Pumpkin!

'Grow a Pumpkin' Guest post by Amber Bobnar, WonderBaby.org Fall is a great time for sensory activities and to explore the traditions of the holidays – like pumpkins! We go to the café and smell pumpkin spice lattes, we eat pumpkin pie and we even carve pumpkins for Halloween… but does your child really understand

Make an Apple Stamp Art Bag

Whether you're planning a trip to the orchard for apple picking or might like a new book bag, this apple stamp project is the perfect Fall activity for kids with visual impairments or any sight level! Try incorporating it into your apple-themed lesson plans or as an accessible arts-&-crafts project. Kids will enjoy using foods