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Braille Stickers for iOS Messaging Now Available

Braille Stickers for iOS Messaging is now available on the App Store! Download now How to Use Braille Stickers Anyone with an iOS device can use the Braille Stickers pack in iMessage. Stickers can be added to your text messages, photos or just sent by themselves. You can even add them to past messages

Teach ABC Order to Kids Who Are Blind

Developing the Activity for Madilyn (10/blind/fine motor challenges) This lesson plan was designed to show an example for how to teach ABC Order to children who are blind. My daughter, Madilyn, learned to sing the alphabet when she was about 4 years old. It's the same time children without developmental delays are expected to

That’s My Name! A Name Game for Braille Readers

One of the most motivating first experiences with braille can be your child learning his or her own own name. Madilyn learned to write her name before she learned to read it. Before either of those however, she learned to spell it out loud. For her, controlling her fingers and hands