Penguin Line Tracking Pre-Braille Activity

Penguin Line Tracking Pre-Braille Activity


Line tracking is an essential skill for braille readers. Start early with engaging activities like these line tracking sheets for left to right progression!

This 5 page bundle requires students to help the penguin reach his egg by tracking the line from the left to the right side of the page.


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The Penguin Line Tracking encourages kids’ pre-braille skills development for tracking from left to right across a line. This bundle includes 5 pages of line tracking worksheets with simple to complex line shapes. The graphics on each sheet progresses with the life cycle of a penguin from egg to a hatched chick. With each page, the penguin must reach the next stage in the life cycle of a penguin: egg, cracked egg, hatching, chick in egg, and finally the completely hatched penguin chick. The line complexities also increase over each of the four pages with a review of all the lines on the final page.

Be sure to include these fun penguin-themed line tracking activities in your early intervention and grade school plans for pre-braille skills.

Product Type: PDF

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