Beginning Sound Marking Cards: Letter B

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Beginning Sound Marking Cards: Letter B


Includes 4 Cards in print and braille for practicing reading words that start with the letter B and /b/ sound (phonemes).

Students read the word in the top portion of the card, then mark the word that starts with the same sound from the three choices below.

Marking cards can be used with stickers, paper clips, clothes pins, or any other removable ‘mark’.

Be sure to use tactile markers so kids who are blind can easily check their work!





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This phonics based activity in print and braille versions introduces the /b/ sound. The marking cards activity helps children with visual impairments practice reading words beginning with the letter B using common Christmas Toy words and pictures.

Teachers can use this Beginning Sound Activity in Language Arts Centers, Morning Work, or send home a packet for kids. These print/braille activities make great homework study activities for kids who are blind and parents to work together. It’s great practice for beginning readers and struggling readers.

Beginning Sounds are important in learning to read and decode words as well as understand the concept of syllables in words.

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