• Set braille, audio, or print reading goals then have students track their progress daily with this acorn-themed reward chart for October.
  • Include the entire class in this UEB Braille Game of "I Have, Who Has?" of single cell words. Students will practice reading the words and dot configurations for each word. Here's how the game is played. After passing out the cards to the class, one student reads aloud his card: Student 1: "Who has but?" Student 2: "I have dots 1 2. Who has can?" and so on until Student 1 has the answer.   This Print Only version does not include 'visual braille' due to current *font display issues for contracted braille. Click To Tweet
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    line tracking pre-braille skills practice page with penguins fine motor skills practice for line tracking pre-braille skills
    Line tracking is an essential skill for braille readers. Start early with engaging activities like these line tracking sheets for left to right progression! This 5 page bundle requires students to help the penguin reach his egg by tracking the line from the left to the right side of the page.  

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  • Make reading fun with these snack tags for book worms! Just print, braille and attach to a bag of gummy worms.