The Day I Signed Up My [Blind] Daughter for Baseball

Have you considered enrolling your child with visual impairments in a sports program? Are you considering a program that is inclusive or designed specifically for only with “special needs”? We chose Miracle League Baseball for our daughter who is blind and I'm so happy we did! How Her Career in Baseball All Began When my daughter Madilyn, who

Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids Who Are Blind

There are so many ways you can adapt coloring for blind kids, including painting, to make it an enjoyable activity. Just because you can't see the pictures doesn't mean it can't be interesting! Get creative and think outside of the lines when you're planning your next art project with a child who is blind. Be

Apple Picking Trips When Your Child is Blind

A visit to the orchard every Fall for apple picking has become as common as going to the pumpkin patch before Halloween. It's a trip that can be sensory-filled fun for everyone if you plan ahead of time, too. Here are a few tips for a successful trip to go apple picking if your child

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