Is There a Tactile Alternative to Braille?

Is there a tactile alternative to braille? It’s a valid question. I mean no disrespect to Louis Braille or the braille code and all its worth. I love braille, and I love innovation. I’m not one to get stuck in the idea that we can’t always strive for more, especially where

Easy-Touch Sound Books for Kids with Visual Impairments

I highly recommend sound books for pre-braille and beginning braille readers. Sound books can also be extremely motivating for kids who are not very interested in books otherwise, as well as struggling braille readers. They add another element to reading, lending themselves as a terrific multi-sensory tool for kids with visual impairments. The

New Echolocation Toy Makes Waves for Diversity in Toy Industry

The new echolocation toy featuring Bailey from Pixar's Finding Dory – with audio description on iTunes – (affiliate link) proves inclusion and diversity in toys are possible, and very necessary. I ran into Toys R' Us to grab some bubbles and a swim vest for Lucas now that it's finally summer weather in Boston.

The Best Pixar Movie Classics with Audio Description for Blind Kids

Did you know you can watch movies with audio description for blind kids? I love movies. And now, Madilyn loves movies, too. I especially love a great film, but it seems like these days, even though there are so many movies being made, there just aren't a lot of movies coming out that I'm

5 Steps to Save Money Now for Your Child’s Assistive Technology

Why You Should Start Saving Money Now You've done your research and decided you want to buy an iPad for your child. Great! But now you have to squeeze the money out of your already tight budget to make the purchase. Is it even possible to save enough money without putting an enormous strain on

How to Send Custom Braille Cards in 3 Easy Steps

Are you a family member or friend of a blind child? Well if you're sighted, you probably don't have a way to write braille cards to send for birthdays or just to say hello. Maybe you don't even know braille. Well, don't worry- you're not alone. But there is a way you can still send braille cards

This Mom’s Dream for Her Blind Daughter Hasn’t Faded Away

This is a blog post I originally published on my first Sensory Sun blog 6 years ago on March 10, 2011. Although I haven't brought this dream to life yet, I am proud of what I have done thus far. There have been obstacles, failures, and definitely heartache, but I will march on until all my

10 Ideas to Engage a Reluctant Braille Reader

The ultimate goal for a braille reader is fluency. Fluency means the child reads smoothly and at a reasonable rate while comprehending what she is reading. Specifically for braille readers, fluency is demonstrated by decoding automatically, or without having to pause to think -most often characterized by efficient hand movements- and the student’s ability to

Braille Stickers for iOS Messaging Now Available

Braille Stickers for iOS Messaging is now available on the App Store! Download now How to Use Braille Stickers Anyone with an iOS device can use the Braille Stickers pack in iMessage. Stickers can be added to your text messages, photos or just sent by themselves. You can even add them to past messages

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