1. Go to the braille|SCHOOL Login Page: www.sensorysun.org/brailleschool

    2. Enter your registered email address in the form under the text “Lost Your Password?” Then click the “RESET PASSWORD” button. Login Form Screenshot

    3. You will receive an email announcing that someone has requested a password reset for your account on SensorySun.org. It will also list your registered username. Scroll down a few lines and you will find a link that reads, “To reset your password, visit the following address: “. Click the link for the address given.

    4. reset password email screenshot

    5. The link will take you to a password reset page for your account. It will tell you to “Enter your new password below,” and will suggest a complex password for you. Click in the text box where the suggested password is located. (In the example below, you would click on the text: V4#B0FqFWt6wx%%E)

    6. Enter your new password in the box.

    7. Then click the blue button below it labeled “Reset Password”.

    8. screenshot
    9. Note: Be sure to click on the complex suggested password to clear the text box as shown below so that you may enter your desired new password.

    10. Still have issues? Contact Technical Support.