braille|SCHOOL is a 10-week interactive online-learning program for parents and educators of children with visual impairments who want to learn braille to fully support their children.

The curriculum is video-based lessons with assignments given each week, followed by a comprehensive quiz. Parents are encouraged to view the weekly videos, then perform a variety of action steps to use what they’ve learned. Action steps include tasks such as practicing with flashcards, playing games with their child, writing notes, and more.

Online quizzes present parents with visual braille questions to decode by sight, as well as tips for memorizing the alphabet and contractions when you get stuck!

The program offers a wide-range of practice guides and materials to use for different learners. Videos and tutorials help parents learn how to use a Perkins Brailler and other assistive technology devices.

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Flexible 10-Week Program

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We know you’re busy. Participate on your own time – no fixed schedules are required. You can take your time during each module to focus on the important topics related to your child.

Parents can opt-in for daily reminders, accountability pledges and more! I’ll serve as your personal follow-through coach to make sure you get everything you want out of the course, plus custom support for an entire year as you continue implementing all you’ve learned.

Engaging Multimedia Content

Engaging multimedia content to help parents learn braille

Don’t get bogged down in a book. Keep interested with high-quality videos, interactive forums and practice activities that prove braille is useful in the real-world. Each module includes online quizzes, a “Find Your Focus” worksheet to develop your braille mindset, as well as Community Challenges to get you out discovering braille around you – and how to get it there if it’s not!

Connect with Parents Like You

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It’s not always easy to connect with other parents who are learning braille at the same time but you will at braille|SCHOOL! Parents will participate in safe, protected online forums where you can ask questions, comment on your progress, and support one another. Yes, you can even make new friends while learning braille!

Tons of BONUS Guides + More

Gain unlimited free access to the Sensory Sun Shop digital downloads once you enroll. Upon completion of braille|SCHOOL, you will gain access to loads more of BONUS CONTENT including our upcoming Textures & Sounds Braille Learning Program for Young Blind Kids and so much more!

Study at your convenience… anywhere & anytime

All content is accessed via the Sensory Sun website in three formats: video, audio & text. So you can learn when you want, where you want, and how you want to help you follow through in completing this course.

Does your child read braille?

Then you should, too!

Parents who know braille have the knowledge and skills necessary to make a huge impact on their child’s future. Whether your child is a fluent braille reader already or is in the pre-braille stage, you can provide a positive, supportive environment at home just by understanding braille yourself.

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The Benefits are Everywhere

Inclusion is key. Braille, just like print, should be everywhere your child is learning, playing, eating, or just hanging out.

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The Most Engaging Lessons Designed For Parents. Say hello at braille|SCHOOL.

There’s more to braille than just the alphabet

Braille may seem hard because you’re not yet familiar with it. As a parent, you understand how important braille is in your child’s life and will do everything you can to ensure your child reaches her full potential. So come join me and other parents for braille|SCHOOL where you’ll learn everything you need to know about braille in well-organized, simple modules including:

  • An Introduction to Braille & How It Works

  • Developing Your Braille Mindset for a Positive Outlook

  • Reading Braille

  • Writing Braille

  • Braille & Assistive Technology

  • Implementation: Braille Inclusion & Advocacy

braille school 10-week schedule of modules
Braille|SCHOOL for parents to learn braille to support their kids who are blind