The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to start saving money now for an iPad for your child

Why You Should Start Saving Money Now

You’ve done your research and decided you want to buy an iPad for your child. Great! But now you have to squeeze the money out of your already tight budget to make the purchase. Is it even possible to save enough money without putting an enormous strain on your checking account?

Yes, it’s definitely possible! I’m going to show you how with 5 simple steps you can take this week to save enough money to buy an iPad within a year, or whenever you want (that’s within reason, of course).

First, you need a fool-proof plan. You know your particular goal, and you know why it’s important to you. An iPad is a mainstream accessible tool that’s going to enable your blind child to learn, play, and connect with the world! iPads can give your child more opportunities! That’s all the motivation you need, right?

Create a Weekly Budget That Works For You

You really need to remember your “why” for the next few months when you’re about to blow $5 on a caramel mocha frappuccino with extra whip. It seems so easy, but then we’re not thinking about an iPad when we’re running nonstop and see that green mermaid making eyes at us. And it smells so incredibly good! Yep, I know the feeling… but don’t worry. I have a few tricks on how to help you say no and just keep on going.

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5 Steps to Save for an iPad

1. Decide on the exact iPad you’ll purchase. You know you want an iPad, but have you looked at how many options there are for an iPad? Dive a little deeper into your research and find out exactly which iPad your child needs. Pick all of the features it will have down to the color, number of GBs, and WiFi or WiFi+Cellular. You can compare iPad models and pricing using Apple’s handy comparison tool online. Also, you should check out the Paths to Technology and WonderBaby websites, both sponsored by Perkins School for the Blind, to learn more about iPad accessibility for children with visual impairments.

2. Choose the date you’ll make your purchase. When do you want to buy your iPad? Think about if you want it to be a holiday gift or a birthday present. How far away are these dates from when you’ll start saving? If they’re too close to reasonably save enough money in time, then try choosing a certain number of months. I recommend twelve or six months to ensure you’ll succeed.

3. Establish your weekly savings plan. Calculate how much money you’ll save each week to save enough by your purchase date goal. Take the total and divide it by the number of weeks you’ll save. For example, if you’re planning on purchasing the base-model iPad at $329 plus estimated taxes for a total of about $362 and plan on purchasing it in six months (26 weeks), you’d have $362 / 26 weeks = $13.93/week. Wow, see about $14 a week isn’t much at all! You can do this!

4. Track your progress. Now that you know how much it’s going to take each week to save for your child’s iPad, choose a way to track your progress. You want to keep a record of the money you save every week so that it’s meaningful. It will be more motivating for you to keep on saving the next week, and the following weeks until you’ve reached your goal.

Depending on your personality, you might want to use an iPhone app that will pop up with notifications on your phone or go the old fashioned way with a printed chart hanging on the fridge or at your desk. Whatever you decide, make sure you’ll see it every day! There are recommendations for these methods in the free Savings Plan Download Tool (PDF) below. It’s an AMAZING resource so be sure to check it out!

5. Hold yourself accountable. Now that you have a solid plan, you want to make the changes necessary to ensure you follow through. What will it take to save the money you need to every week? Maybe it’s opting for the tall latte over the venti each time (which is probably a healthier decision too – BONUS!) or cooking at home instead of going out to eat once a week. Defining how you’ll save the money each week will make it easier. Make the commitment that it’s not debatable.

Envision yourself buying your child’s iPad and then imagine her having fun reading books and play accessible games on it. Does that make you happy just thinking about it? Hold on to this feeling!

For more tips on holding yourself accountable and ways to save on stuff you already buy, as well as an easy worksheet to help you get started with a concrete savings plan, download our “Tech Savings Plan & Accountability Freebie!

Do you have any tips on saving money for an iPad or other technology for your blind child? Please share your comments or questions below! I can’t wait to hear your comments on how these tips have helped you.

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5 Step Guide to Save for an iPad for a Blind Child


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