This is a blog post I originally published on my first Sensory Sun blog 6 years ago on March 10, 2011. Although I haven’t brought this dream to life yet, I am proud of what I have done thus far. There have been obstacles, failures, and definitely heartache, but I will march on until all my dreams become goals, and these goals become reality. For my Madilyn, and for your children as well.

Educational Toy Ideas for Visually Impaired Children 

So the point of Sensory Sun is to develop fun, educational toys for visually impaired children. I’m talking toys that you would buy at your “local” chain toy store or one of those other huge stores we shop at least once a week (you know which ones I’m talking about, I’ll just leave out the trademark names for legal reasons in case there are any…) But really, how nice would it be for parents and anyone wanting to buy a toy that a blind child is really going to love at a competitive price with the toys designed for every other sighted child? We want to make this a reality…

Is your child just learning braille? No problem! Just pick up the Braille Cell Learning Tree for about $25-40 next time your doing your shopping. Your child will learn the braille cell dot numbers, how to type letters a-z, letter sounds and more! Want to introduce basic math? (One of the harder subjects for blind kids) No problem! Just toss the Touch & Slide Zoobacus into your cart on your way through the toy section and pay the same price as you would a pay for a popular handheld game (again, trademark issues). And guess what! Your child’s sighted siblings, friends, and even you are going to enjoy the toys (and learn, of course) just as much as your blind child! Yes, that means they’re going to play together, maybe even fight over who is going to slide the three bananas to the right to feed the hungry monkey next… Okay, you may have to buy two! But hey, wouldn’t your rather be in that position than feeling lost and frustrated when you can’t find anything completely accessible?! I would!

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all who have supported me along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you. I hope you’ll continue to march with me until the world is 100% inclusive for blind children and adults. Please share this post with your family and friends, and encourage them to do the same. Together, we can make this dream come true!

Much Love,


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