Braille Stickers for iOS Messaging is now available on the App Store! Download now

How to Use Braille Stickers

Anyone with an iOS device can use the Braille Stickers pack in iMessage. Stickers can be added to your text messages, photos or just sent by themselves. You can even add them to past messages your friends send you! iMessage Stickers add a little fun to the same old messenger we’ve been using on our iPhones and iPads.

The Braille Stickers are accessible with VoiceOver by providing a description of the sticker. Here’s how I added the “I Love Braille” sticker to a photo of Madilyn reading a braille book to her little brother!

I Love Braille Sticker added to photo of girl reading braille book to baby


How to Activate Braille Stickers on an iOS Device

Just download the Braille Stickers pack and install on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 10+. To send a message with a braille sticker, open the Messages App and tap the “Apps” icon. Tap on the “Menu” icon (four grey ovals)  in the bottom left corner of the screen to open the Messaging Apps Menu. If “Braille Stickers” is not already listed, tap on the “Store” icon. Select “Manage” in the menu bar and activate the switch next to “Braille Stickers” in the list below. Here are some screenshots to help out!

Braille Stickers in the App Store

Be sure the “Braille Stickers” pack is marked INSTALLED on your iOS device

App Store Icon showing in iOS messaging

If “Braille Stickers” is not showing in the App Menu in your Apple Message, click on the Store icon.


screenshot of the "Manage" apps menu in Apple Messages

Activate the “Braille Stickers” switch in the Manage menu if it’s not already. (If you Braille Stickers does not appear in this menu, go back to step 1 and make sure it is installed on your device.)




Be sure to tell your friends about the Braille Stickers so they can send you some, too!