Sensory Sun is on a mission to empower parents and educators of kids who are blind around the world.

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braille|SCHOOL is our new innovative program for parents who are ready to learn braille to support their child.

Educators and professionals are welcome, too!

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  • little girl using tactile graphical organizer with base ten blocks and braille numbers cards

Teaching Place Value to Blind Students Using a Tactile Graphical Organizer

Here is a super method for teaching place value to kids who are blind. Math activities for blind students are some of my favorite lessons to plan! I used a

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  • The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to start saving money now for an iPad for your child

5 Steps to Save Money Now for Your Child’s Assistive Technology

Why You Should Start Saving Money Now You've done your research and decided you want to buy an iPad for your child. Great! But now you have to squeeze the money out of your already

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Lesson Plans

  • girl reading flashcards at desk
  • Papers on Floor for Teach ABC Order

Teach ABC Order to Kids Who Are Blind

Developing the Activity for Madilyn (10/blind/fine motor challenges) This lesson plan was designed to show an example for how to teach ABC Order to children who are blind. My daughter, Madilyn, learned to sing

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An inclusive toy for kids with visual impairments

  • echolocation toy whale and fish

New Echolocation Toy Makes Waves for Diversity in Toy Industry

The new echolocation toy featuring Bailey from Pixar's Finding Dory – with audio description on iTunes – (affiliate link) proves inclusion and diversity in toys are possible, and very necessary. I ran into Toys R' Us to grab some bubbles and a swim vest for Lucas now that it's finally summer weather in Boston.

  • 7 pixar movie classics with audio description

The Best Pixar Movie Classics with Audio Description for Blind Kids

Did you know you can watch movies with audio description for blind kids? I love movies. And now, Madilyn loves movies, too. I especially love a great film, but it seems like these days, even though there are so many movies being made, there just aren't a lot of movies coming out that I'm