Modern Tools for Parents of Kids Who Are Blind

Confused and frustrated about the developmental milestones? You’re not the only one…

  • Developmental Milestones affect a blind child's independence Madilyn using the Apple iPad with VoiceOver and QWERTY keyboard

Why the Developmental Milestones Suck for Blind Children & What Parents Should Do Instead

When mentioning the developmental milestones, professionals repeatedly told me that I should expect my blind daughter to develop more slowly than her sighted peers. Other moms have told me they heard the same line. (Seriously, does this just flat out disturb you as much as it does me?!) But we know very well that

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  • purple paper with hand feeling halloween stickers

Foam Sticker Math Activity for Blind Students

Last year I purchased a huge container of Halloween foam stickers for Madilyn. We still had over half left this year after sharing with her classmates, using them as rewards and other

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  • collage of braille cards by FeelMyDots. Learn more on

How to Send Custom Braille Cards in 3 Easy Steps

Are you a family member or friend of a blind child? Well if you're sighted, you probably don't have a way to write braille cards to send for birthdays or just to say hello. Maybe you

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  • Papers on Floor for Teach ABC Order

Teach ABC Order to Kids Who Are Blind

Developing the Activity for Madilyn (10/blind/fine motor challenges) This lesson plan was designed to show an example for how to teach ABC Order to children who are blind. My daughter, Madilyn, learned to sing

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