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  • girl finger painting at table

This Mom’s Dream for Her Blind Daughter Hasn’t Faded Away

This is a blog post I originally published on my first Sensory Sun blog 6 years ago on March 10, 2011. Although I haven't brought this dream to life yet, I am proud of what

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  • purple paper with hand feeling halloween stickers

Foam Sticker Math Activity for Blind Students

Last year I purchased a huge container of Halloween foam stickers for Madilyn. We still had over half left this year after sharing with her classmates, using them as rewards and other


  • girl reading braille book with title
  • Madilyn reading a tactile picture in braille book

10 Ideas to Engage a Reluctant Braille Reader

The ultimate goal for a braille reader is fluency. Fluency means the child reads smoothly and at a reasonable rate while comprehending what she is reading. Specifically for braille readers, fluency is demonstrated by decoding automatically,


  • tactile number line slider with braille

Interactive Number Line for Addition and Subtraction 0-10

Number sense and early math can be ongoing challenges for some students who are blind or have learning disabilities. For them, adding a tactile component can be a big help for

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